In the Church

Scripture Studies

A weekly, discussion oriented Bible study, welcome to all—especially those from other churches or denominations.

We keep it simple, crack open the Bible, discuss, and apply it to our lives. Every meeting is an exploration of text, the theology behind them, and why they create either solace, or conflict.

If you are interested in joining use, please let us know.

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Student Ministries

The Forge is our student ministry for kids in grades 6-12, meeting ever Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30pm. For now, we meet virtually through Zoom. Click HERE for the link!

The Forge is a time and place for students to hang out, connect and engage in relevant teachings that are theologically sound and rooted in scripture.

For more info about The Forte, or inquiries about serving at The Forge, contact Pastor Drew.

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Because of Covid-19, our music program is taking a different, and temporary, shape. Volunteer musicians and our Director of Music meet once a week via Zoom to share worship music reflecting our praise, lament, and declarations of faith. Playlist are put together on YouTube and shared throughout the congregation.

When we can, physically distanced recordings and videos are shared in the weekly worship services.


Where we ask ourselves, and feel free to answer, difficult questions. Every week, we explore where we’ve seen God, how we’ve shared Jesus’ love, and where or why we’ve fallen short.

These triads are about opening up our personal truths, seeking clarity, creating empathy, and learning how to better move forward with God in our everyday lives.

In the Community

St. John’s mission extends well beyond our church walls. We host and contribute to a number of local programs to reach more of our friends and neighbors.

Baby Pantry

Supporting and providing necessities for babies and toddlers is an unfortunate struggle too many local families face. Our Baby Pantry provides food, clothing, diapers, and most importantly, encouragement to families in need of a little help with their young ones.

Community Lunch

Gathering for a meal is one of our favorite, and most impactful ways to build strength and show love within our community. During the fall, winter, and spring we offer a free soup lunch every Tuesday. This is open to anyone, and a wonderful way to help and connect with our neighbors.

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