Finding a

Renewal in God

Our church roots date back to 1860, but we like to take a modern approach to Christianity and the Bible. We embrace difficult questions, science, and getting our hands dirty in ministry. We believe that Jesus is a teacher and spiritual guide, and not only a savior. And in our invitation to find Him, we accept that the times, and people’s needs, have changed, but God’s hope, love, reconciliation, and renewal through the gospel is unwavering.


Leadership within the church is more about asking the right questions than providing the right answers.

Understanding your strained or estranged relationship with God is a hard journey to take alone. Together, we help our community repair and strengthen through sound teaching and faith practices. Informed by empathy and understanding of the human experience, we walk along side people as they explore their faith.



The members of this Church shall worship and labor together in the congregational way of life.


This church is an independent ecclesiastical body in matters of doctrine, order and discipline, possessing under Christ the power of self-government. Church government is vested in its members.


This church recognizes the Bible as its sufficient rule of faith and practice, and holds that living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ is the true test of fellowship. Each member shall have the undisturbed right to follow the Word of God according to the dictates of his own conscience under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. The following Statement of Faith, therefore, is not a test but an expression of the Spirit in which the church interprets the Word of God.


We believe in God, the Father, infinite in wisdom, goodness, and love; and in Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord and Savior, who, for us and our salvation, lived and died and rose again and lives evermore; and in the Holy Spirit, who takes the things of Christ and reveals them to us, renewing, comforting, and inspiring our souls.


We are united in striving to know the Will of God as taught in the Holy Scriptures, and in our purpose to walk in the ways of the Lord, known or to be made known to us. We hold it to be the mission of the Church of Christ to proclaim the Gospel to all humankind, exalting the worship of the one true God and laboring for the progress of knowledge, the promotion of justice, the reign of peace and the realization of human brotherhood. Depending, as did our forbearers, upon the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, we work and pray for the transformation of the world into the Kingdom of God and look with faith for the triumph of righteousness and the life everlasting.


This church recognizes two sacraments; baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


Spiritual growth through honesty. Ministry through integrity.

Rather than committing ourselves to ridgid or fundamental rules, we instead pursue healthy relationships with ourselves, our communities, and God honesty and self discovery.

We also value the power of music as an expression of worship. We find joy in using traditional forms in non-traditional ways and integrate prayer, music, and Scripture into our messages.

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