A church with deep roots and a new way forward.

Welcome to First Congregational Church.

We help build stronger, personal relationships with God and our neighbors by exploring ancient and modern approaches to worship, and engaging with our greater communities in meaningful ways.

Join us weekly for worship, shared messages of struggle, repair, and how we can find purpose through prayer.

Scripture Studies

A weekly, discussion oriented Bible study, welcome to all—especially those from other churches or denominations.

Weekly Discipleship

Every week, we explore where we’ve seen God, how we’ve shared Jesus’ love, and where or why we’ve fallen short.

Student Ministries

The Forge is a time and place for students to hang out, connect and engage in relevant teachings that are theologically sound and rooted in scripture.


St. John’s mission extends well beyond our church walls. We host and contribute to a number of local programs to reach more of our friends and neighbors.

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First Congregational
May 1, 2021

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