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Praise in Persistence


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Tis the season to Give Back

helpThere are a few ways we as at FCC give back. The Baby Pantry is housed in our basement, and the good that the organization does for the community is awesome. Donations can be dropped off for the Baby Pantry during our office hours. Also, we have a monthly Basic Needs schedule of items that we take in for them. October is Stew & Chilli ingredients. If you are able to donate an extra can of beans, or a bag of potatoes, or other vegetables, your giving is greatly appreciated by so many.

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Bethel Bible Series is Starting…

Bethel Series Logo

Come find out about this wonderful Bible Series starting on 9/25/2016

You are invited to join our Bethel Bible Series (Old and New Testament) hosted by the First Congregational Church, 100 Maple St., St. Johns Michigan.  Our first class is for congregators who would like to study the bible in this most methodical and spiritual way. Our first class begins September 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM til 8:30 PM.  The first year of study is the Old Testament.

The Bethel Bible Series is a two-year commitment of weekly bible study, meeting, discussion and fellowship.  This study is not the teaching series.

“The Bethel Series provides an overview of the entire Bible. At the end of two years, the students will have an amazing understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The Bethel Series offers an excellent tool to enhance the biblical literacy within Christian congregations nationally and internationally. The study uses a historical approach to the Hebrew-Christian heritage of faith with an overview of the Old and New Testaments. Hermeneutics, the study of the Scriptures in the context of the period in which they were written, brings a new understanding of the biblical narrative.”

Material cost for the Old Testament is $67.25 including shipping, and the cost for the New Testament materials is also $67.25 including shipping.  Individual materials are available digitally for $25 for the course.

If you have any questions or would like to join us in this local Bethel Bible Study, please contact the First Congregational Church office 989-224-2636.


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Sunny September Days – Fall Schedules ahead

Bright mornings, dry sunny days spell September

Bright mornings, dry sunny days spell September

Welcome back this new school year! The homecoming outdoor worship service was the 11th of September and we greeted old friends and made new friends, too. This fall will see the start of a Women’s Bible Study, similar in purpose and spirit to the decades of Men’s Bible Study that has met Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m. for a long time. The famous Bethel Bible Study will kick off on September 25 at 7:00 p.m. Call the church office to learn about the 2 year exploration of God’s Word to us. There is a county-wide Health Fair on 9/24 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the Agro-Liquid building west of town at Dewitt Road. And the C.R.O.P. Walk will take place October 2. The choir (Tuesdays 7:30 p.m.) and the handbell choir (Wednesdays at 7 p.m.) have resumed practices. Community activities hosted here continue from past years: Weekly Baby Pantry (Tuesdays 11 to 4:45), Weight Watchers (Tuesday evenings), a quilting club (3rd Thursday per month 11-4), the children’s community choir, Vivo Cantando (Tuesday evenings). And plans are underway for the 7th annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The series of sermons in September will center on parables. Worship starts at 11 and children’s learning time in Faith Adventure begins at 10 a.m. on Sunday. We welcome you!

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