Getting Grounded in Lent; mortal lives and God’s glory

"Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom, Jesus replied, Today, you are with me in paradise."

[flickr cre­ative com­mons user Oni­lad, sun­rise ser­vice]

While we wait for “a new heav­ens and a new earth,”we remain in “a body of death.” Even so Jesus meets us. He deliv­ers peo­ple from sin, phys­i­cal ill­ness, guilt, shame, and emo­tion­al pain. Many of us, with our moral infir­mi­ties and weak bod­ies, long for his heal­ing touch. We suf­fer from resent­ment, trau­mas that hap­pened long ago but are still as fresh wounds, envy, sins that we will not allow our­selves to get past, fear, doubt, bro­ken rela­tion­ships, vio­lat­ed trust, anger, and grief.

The sea­son of Lent starts with the Ash Wednes­day ser­vice, where we cen­ter our­selves on the heal­ing min­istry of Jesus. Through hear­ing again of the love God has for us, acts of con­fes­sion and con­tri­tion, repen­tance and abso­lu­tion, prayers for restora­tion and heal­ing and bless­ing, and the impo­si­tion of ash­es, we will prac­tice our faith in the pow­er of our redemp­tion in Christ.

Come in and cel­e­brate God’s love and know also the love we hold for one anoth­er amid life’s many turns. Sun­day wor­ship togeth­er begins at 11:00 with Faith Adven­ture for young peo­ple start­ing at 10:00 and the win­ter small group dis­cus­sion of Max Lucado’s book, Grace, each week at 9:00 a.m. and repeat­ed Mon­day nights and Thurs­day nights at 7 pm.

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