What is Congregationalism?

We are a church of faith, freedom, and fellowship.

Faith: A person’s relationship with God is the most important thing. It is lived out on Sunday and every day.

Freedom: We share unity in the essential things of the Christian faith, and charity in all other matters. We are not all the same, and we like it this way.

Fellowship: As fellow travelers we are joined as spiritual friends in Christ. We don’t believe in going it alone. We need you and you need us.

We are a mainstream church holding to the historic beliefs of Christianity. We are a congregation that shares an openness to new and creative ways of being faithful. Most of our members have come from other denominations, or from no church affiliation; our congregation is, in effect, a quilt of different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences joined together in the spiritual life.

While most churches are run from the top down, a congregational church is run from the bottom up. The people are the church. They own and operate the church. Free from the constrains of a parent organization, each church in the Congregational way is unique with a varied fellowship.

Mission Statement

We are a church open to all. As modern day pilgrims we consider it our privilege and committed responsibility to:
CELEBRATE the glory of God through worship, service and stewardship
NURTURE our relationship with Christian love and truth; and
SERVE others in our daily lives individually and collectively as Christ’s people.


Senior Minister, Matthew Olson
Student Director, Drew Papp
Church Administrator, Sandy Kemp
Office Staff, Lisa Mancuso
Treasurer, Tom Webb
Financial Secretary, Marie Bartlett & Betsy Fuller (assistant)
Chancel Choir Director, Rachael Short
Director of Music Ministry, Rachael Short
Hands of Harmony Director, Susan Kilmer