Getting Grounded in Lent; mortal lives and God’s glory

"Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom, Jesus replied, Today, you are with me in paradise."

[flickr creative commons user Onilad, sunrise service]

While we wait for “a new heavens and a new earth,”we remain in “a body of death.” Even so Jesus meets us. He delivers people from sin, physical illness, guilt, shame, and emotional pain. Many of us, with our moral infirmities and weak bodies, long for his healing touch. We suffer from resentment, traumas that happened long ago but are still as fresh wounds, envy, sins that we will not allow ourselves to get past, fear, doubt, broken relationships, violated trust, anger, and grief.

The season of Lent starts with the Ash Wednesday service, where we center ourselves on the healing ministry of Jesus. Through hearing again of the love God has for us, acts of confession and contrition, repentance and absolution, prayers for restoration and healing and blessing, and the imposition of ashes, we will practice our faith in the power of our redemption in Christ.

Come in and celebrate God’s love and know also the love we hold for one another amid life’s many turns. Sunday worship together begins at 11:00 with Faith Adventure for young people starting at 10:00 and the winter small group discussion of Max Lucado’s book, Grace, each week at 9:00 a.m. and repeated Monday nights and Thursday nights at 7 pm.

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